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Digital X-ray Systems. Arizona Veterinary Ambulance has a digital x-ray systems right on the coach: a standard x-ray machine and a dental x-ray machine. Our wireless technology allows us to upload your pet's x-rays into their medical record and send them to a boarded veterinary radiologist for review.

PennHIP. PennHIP-trained and certified veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Wirth, can perform and submit specialized hip radiographs of dogs for objective evaluation for hip. All dogs can benefit from PennHIP testing, as it gives an estimate of the risk for painful osteoarthritis of hip dysplasia later in life. PennHIP testing is accurate in puppies as young as 16 weeks of age. For pet dogs found to be at risk to develop hip osteoarthritis, early intervention with preventive and palliative strategies can be recommended can help prevent or lessen the severity of osteoarthritis. For working or service dogs, identifying dogs with healthy hips can extend their working life. For breeding dogs, early detection of at-risk hips can allow the breeder to make early, informed decisions as to which dogs to keep in breeding programs. Click here to learn more about PennHIP.

Ultrasound. Our ultrasound machine is used to determine if your pet has free fluid or air in their abdominal cavity or chest cavity, determine urinary bladder size, look for signs of anaphylaxis, and do pregnancy checks. Major abnormalities, such as large splenic or liver tumors, can also be diagnosed with our ultrasound. For a more comprehensive, detailed ultrasound, your pet would be referred to a boarded specialist.

Laboratory Diagnostics. We have an on-site laboratory including internal organ function screens, complete blood cell counts, urinalysis, thyroid function, fecal analysis, common infectious disease testing, eye diagnostics, and cytology. When your pet is ill, there is great benefit to getting the diagnostic results during your pet’s appointment, rather than sending the lab work out and waiting for results. For more specialized testing, we do utilize an outside diagnostic laboratory and usually receive the results within one to seven days.

Microscope in Laboratory
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