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Cat Sleeping

Did you know all Arizona Veterinary Ambulance mobile vet clinic patients that have had a surgical or dental procedure have a laser therapy session included with their procedure?! We want our patients to be pain-free and heal as quickly as possible!


Information About Anesthesia

  • Preanesthetic fasting. Unless otherwise directed, please prepare your pet by removing their food 8 hours before their scheduled surgical procedure. Allow your pet to have continued access to fresh drinking water.

  • We perform pre-anesthetic blood work prior to every anesthetic event to enable us to customize the anesthetic medications used for your pet’s safety and well-being.

  • Our anesthetic protocols are tailored to your pet’s specific health status, and rigorous monitoring during all procedures helps to reduce the risks associated with anesthesia.

  • During an anesthetic procedure with Arizona Veterinary Ambulance, your pet will be fully monitored to ensure heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, respiration, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and body temperature are maintained. The monitoring equipment we use is similar to that used in human medicine.

  • Your pet will wake up from anesthesia in our mobile vet clinic, and when we have been assured recovery is progressing normally, your pet will be allowed to recover fully in the comfort of your home.

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