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Pets in hospice are no longer responding to treatments for a disease process and benefit instead from palliative care that ensures they are as comfortable and pain-free as possible.


Arizona Veterinary Ambulance mobile vet clinic bring hospice care directly to your door in Tucson and Surrounding areas. This eliminates the discomfort—for both you and your beloved pet—of getting them in and out of your car to go to a hospital.


When pets receive hospice care in the comfort of their own home by a mobile vet clinic, they often don’t have to leave their bed or favorite patch of sunshine in order to be examined and receive treatment.

We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Arizona Veterinary Ambulance mobile vet clinic is here for you during the most difficult decision you must make for your pet.


Arizona Veterinary Ambulance mobile vet clinic provides at-home visits and assessments of your pet’s quality of life so we can discuss all the options available. 


Humane euthanasia can be performed in serenity of your own home or garden, allowing your pet’s transition to be as peaceful as possible.


We offer cremation and paw print services through Lasting Paws.

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